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Disputes & Employment Tribunal claims

Below are examples of some of the claims an employee might have against their employer:-

Unfair Dismissal

Constructive Dismissal

Discrimination - Age, Sex, Race, Disability, Religion/Belief, Sexual Orientation

Equal Pay

Maternity, Paternity and Time Off issues

Part-time working, Flexible working and Job-share issues

Unfair Treatment

Bullying and Harassment


Contractual disputes

Bonus/Commission disputes

Disciplinary matters

We can advise you on what action to take in relation to your claim.

Employees wishing to bring an Employment Tribunla claim, will usually need to raise the matter as a grievance (or appeal against any action already taken by their employer) before a claim can be brought.

We can handle the conduct of your case all the way to the hearing but can also help you with negotiations to settle your claim "out of court" if this is what you'd prefer.

Service & Pricing Information for Unfair Dismissal & Wrongful Dismissal claims

All Unfair Dismissal and Wrongful Dismissal claims will be handled by Paul Lane who is a qualified solicitor who has specialised in Employment Law for over 20 years (hourly rate ï½£300 per hour plus VAT). A barrister may be appointed (with your agreement) to represent you at any hearings.

At the start of any case we will discuss your objectives and agree an approach aimed at achieving an outcome which meets your objectives.

Some clients may have (or may wish to take out) legal expenses insurance
which may cover some or all of our fees - this would be discussed when we are instructed.

Unfair Dismissal & Wrongful Dismissal cases

The following costs information relates to a case involving a One Day Hearing:-

Range of Costs; ï½£6,000 - ï½£10,000 plus VAT and disbursements (such as barrister's fees) dependent on the complexity of the issues. Barristers fees are likely to be between ï½£1,250 - ï½£2,500 plus VAT for preparing for and attending the hearing. The barrister's fee will depend on the complexity of the case and the seniority of the barrister instructed.

The above pricing will cover the following main stages of the claim:-

- Taking your initial instructions, reviewing the papers and advising you on the merits (this will be reviewed throughout the case and may be subject to change)

- Engaging in the ACAS Early Conciliation scheme to explore whether a settlement can be reached

- Preparing the Claim Form or Preparing the Response Form/Defence setting out your case

- Reviewing and advising on the Claim or Defence submitted by the other party

- Preparing or advising on the Schedule of Loss setting out the sums claimed and how these figures are arrived at

- Dealing with the Disclosure of relevant documents and other material, including preparing a List of Documents and liaising with the other side to agree a Bundle of Documents included in ring binder(s)to be used at the Hearing

- Taking and preparing Witness Statements

- Agreeing a List of Issues and/or Chronology

- Dealing with any settlement discussions or negotiations

- Preparing for the Hearing and instructing the barrister who will represent you

- Attending the Hearing (if requested)

Factors which can make a case more complex and affect the pricing include:-

- Where it is necessary to amend a claim or defence
- Dealing with complex issues
- The volume and/or complexity of documents
- The number of witnesses
- Where any hearings or unusual action are required prior to the main Hearing
- Dealing with a party or their representative who is difficult and/or unusually time-consuming

Cases with Hearings lasting 2 Days or more

Costs will inevitably be higher where the hearing of a case is expected to last 2 days or more. This is because more time will be spent at the Hearing itself and the additional length of the hearing means that there is likely to be more witnesses and/or documents and/or the case itself may be more complex. For each additional day, fees of ï½£3,000 - ï½£6,000 plus VAT are likely to be incurred. The barrister's fee is also likely to increase by between ï½£850 - ï½£1,750 plus VAT for each additional day.

Please Note

The above pricing information is intended to give a guide as to the average cost of bringing or defending Unfair Dismissal or Wrongful Dismissal claims. It does not include costs for dealing with other types of claim brought alongside those claims, such as in relation to discrimination or whistleblowing.